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Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS)


Annual Conference (October 2021)
Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Missouri Standards #1
Missouri Standards #2 
Missouri Standards #3


State Plane Coordinates #1 
State Plane Coordinates #2 
State Plane Coordinates #3

Lidar IMU and GNSS
GPS Modernization and GNSS

How to fix a Boundary Line

Spring Workshop Handouts (April 2021)
Friday and Saturday
ALTA_NSPS Land Title Surveys
Missouri Standards for Corner Documentation
Deeds and Easements
Reconnaissance Analysis
Examining the Record
Gnss for Boundaries and Errors Analysis

Dick Elgin Workshop Missouri and Arkansas Handouts (March 2021)
Missouri and Arkansas Handouts

2020 Annual Conference Meeting Handouts (September 2020)
Railroad Rights of Way
Exhibits-History of the 19th Century
History of the Original Government Survey
19th Century Surveys in Arkansas
Perils of Pelham.pdf
Osage Treaty Line Retracement
Land Surveyor Liability
Missouri Standards
The Treaty and the Land Surveyor
Rectangular System of the East
Rectangular Surveys

2020 Spring Workshop Handouts (August 2020)
Paiva Presentation Part I
Paiva Presentation Part II
Eric Harris Seminar Lecture 
GLO Notes by Ray Riggs 
Fractional and Anomalous Sections by Bob Shotts
Ethical Dilemmas by Curt Sumner
Succession Planning, Taxes Retirement and More by Terry Staley
Analysis and Interpretation of GLO Plats by Ralph Riggs 

Certified Survey Technician Program
Application For Certified Survey Techician

American Congress on Surveying
Missouri Association of Professional County Surveyors
Business and Engineering Continuing Educatino (BECE)
National Society of Professional Surveyors
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association
Kansas Society of Surveyors Webpage
Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors
Wisconsin Society of Surveyor
2007 ESRI International User Conference
Geomatics Surveying | NMSU Engineering - BE BOLD. Shape the Future

Missouri State Government
Missouri House of Representatives
Missouri Senate
Land Survey Index
Missouri Board For Architects, Professional Engineers and Surveyors Includes RSMO Chapters 60 & 327 and Surveyor Preapproved PDU list.
Division of Design and Construction, Upcoming Bids and Projec

Historical Missouri Statutes Pertaining to Land Surveying